Publications marquées ‘Sumerian Records’

We’ve talked about the band recently since a fight started between them and Sumerian records concerning a song featuring Asking Alexandria‘s Denis Stoff. The band defied them and released the track whatever Sumerian had to say (read this or this). We’ve had the chance to speak with guitar player Myungjae Lee while he was waiting […]

  Forever In Combat revealed a few days ago that their upcoming song « Lucid Dreams » featuring Denis Stoff (now in Asking Alexandria) was blocked by Sumerian Records who refused them to release it (label problems, you know). The band told on Facebook they were on working on it, but it seems that the guys decided […]

  Forever in Combat has announced on their Facebook page that their upcoming song « Lucid Dreams » featuring Asking Alexandria‘s Denis Stoff won’t come out because of Sumerian Records. The band hasn’t given much details, but precise that « they are still fighting » to release it. You can read their statement below: Bad News: We’re all extremely […]