Forever In Combat’s new song blocked by Sumerian Records

Publié : 10 juillet 2015 par Julien L. dans Musique, News
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Forever in Combat has announced on their Facebook page that their upcoming song « Lucid Dreams » featuring Asking Alexandria‘s Denis Stoff won’t come out because of Sumerian Records. The band hasn’t given much details, but precise that « they are still fighting » to release it.

You can read their statement below:

Bad News:
We’re all extremely bummed about this, however due to circumstances and the powers that be (Supposedly), we have been forced to pull the up and coming single « Lucid Dreams » Feat. Denis Stoff of Asking Alexandria
We are extremely frustrated by this and promise to make it up to you guys here in the near future. We have TONS of new music in the works and plenty of other surprises we’ll reveal in the coming days.
Note that we are still fighting to release « Lucid Dreams, » however Sumerian Records (Denis Stoff’s Label) has blocked us from this release for the time being.
Much Love, ~ Forever In Combat xoxo