Orange Metalic Festival 2023 Part 1 Trivium Review

Publié : 29 août 2023 par Abderrahim B. dans Live reports, Musique
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Orange Metalic Festival returns for its second edition. Four awesome bands were on the stage to please the awesome crowd. Trivium opens the  Metal Ball with their last ( 2021) opus In the Court of the Dragon. Their specific Heavy Metal is described as Metalcore, Trash, Prog, and Melodic Death.  The eponym In the Court of the Dragon was the right song to hit the audience.

Then Matt Heafy and his mates mix « soaring » and « crushing ». And that’s exactly what the public and fans want to hear. A clear and straight-to-go set. Trivium drops off after the opening: Down from the Sky, Becoming the Dragon, Strife, and Feast of Fire. Another go and we hear Amongst the Shadows & the Stones. Both Matt again sings along with a screaming & guttural voice. Then comes the time to play one of the acclaimed tracks from The Sin & The Sentence,  The Heart From Your Hate. We return to the past with A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation from Ascendancy 2005.  Awesome moments with the public.  Even if we are not fans, Trivium is one of the bands you can not avoid at a Festival. The Music, the Energy, the Lyrics & the Heart is here. The amazing sound of Capsizing the Sea leads us to the final act of the set In the Waves. What an awesome ending to a various set. It was like a voyage from the Past to the future. Trivium is one of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal references. They are one of the « Big Four » of the movement, along with Lamb of God, Avenged Sevenfold, and Slipknot.