Audition to be Follow My Lead new singer

Publié : 27 mai 2015 par Julien L. dans Musique, News
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Irish band Follow My Lead have announced they parted ways with singer « Matt Foxx » in a long statement. The band has had a complicated story, like many. Mainly known because of its ex-singer’s covers on Youtube, the band had to recruit a new screamer before releasing their debut EP Sleepless before he left a few months after.

Last year they went into the studio to record their first album before announcing in December they got signed by Fearless Records when releasing their hit single « XIII ».

If you feel you can replace him, try! They’re currently looking for a new one.

« Hey everyone, 
This post is really important to us and might be to you too, so please read on and listen to what we have to say.

It’ll probably be of no surprise to you, that something hasn’t been right in the Follow My Lead camp for some time now. We are aware there has been a lack of updates, new content and any information regarding our upcoming album. We really value every last one of you who supports and has supported our band, it truly means the world to us. 
It has been really hard for us to keep so much information from you and not to be able to give you sufficent updates. We feel that we have no other choice now than to come to you, our friends & family, with what’s been going on with us & why we’ve been so quiet.

We are currently in the market for a new vocalist, meaning yes, Matt is no longer a part of the band, and hasn’t been for a number of months now. This is due to personal/musical issues. More will be released regarding this in the future. This situation was sadly unavoidable, so for now, we need you all to trust us and to look forward. 
We have every intention of finding a new vocalist and releasing our album and many more in the future.

So that is why we have came to you! We have had no luck in these past few months finding the perfect replacement, so we are now advertising to all of you to help us find our new vocalist.
Us four guys really have poured our heart & soul into our debut album, and it is such a shame it’s currently only instrumental.

People interested in auditioning to be our new vocalist:
The new vocalist will be required to record vocals for our debut album with us, and the vocals will then be sent to Fredrik Nordstrom (Studio Fredman, Sweden) for mixing & mastering. We are really, stupidly, excited for you all to hear what we created last November in Sweden. Ideally candidates would be located in Ireland/Northern Ireland/UK and be able to travel to Belfast frequently, but we’re willing to talk over options if people further afield are interested so if you feel you might have something to offer please do get in touch. You must meet a certain standard of vocal performance (be capable of scream vocals & clean vocals), and be consistent.

We are not looking for someone to emulate Matt; we want to bring something fresh to our sound that you will hear in our album. If you have any previous vocal recordings / videos, be it original songs or covers, send copies or links over to “”. Include some information about yourself, what sort of person you are, your influences and anything you feel is relevant. As of right now, there is no due date set and any further information about auditioning will be announced on the Facebook page.

Thank you all so much for standing by us, collectively and individually. It means everything. Thank you all for your patience, your care and your time. We’re asking you now to not give up on us, we still have so many great things in store for you all. We are four guys from Ireland who do this because we love it, and we’ll continue to do so, but without all of you guys, we would be nothing.

We’re really looking forward to hearing from many of you aspiring FML vocalists soon. If you’re interested, email us as soon as you can.
Follow My Lead will continue.

William, Declan, Robbie, Niall. »