Slaves releases new song

Publié : 14 juillet 2015 par Julien L. dans Musique, News
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Slaves (with Jonny Craig) are back with the powerful « Burning Our Morals Away » track. Their sophomore record Routine Breathing will come out soon.


1. Drowning in My Addiction

2. As the Light Cracks the Foundation

3. The Hearts of Our Broken (feat. Garrett Rapp)

4. Burning Our Morales Away

5. Who Saves the Savior (feat. Spencer Chamberlin)

6. Share the Sunshine Young Blood, Pt. 2 (feat. Kyle Lucas)

7. Death Never Lets Us Say Goodbye

8. Running Through the 6 With My Soul

9. Winter Everywhere (feat. Tilian Pearson)

10. Why Fit in When You Can Stand Out?

11. Shoutout to all My Toasters

12. Is Robbing Your Friends Supposed to be Tight?

13. One God

14. We are So Michelle Branch

15. If Only We Could Change